You may notice your dog losing hair more than usual, but he may also start to chase something such as a cat or even another dog if they try to get closer to him. Although Maltese dogs shed, but not as much as other mop dogs. So this is all good news for Maltipoo lovers! It’s not uncommon for the milder cases to not even realize it until they get a dog. There are many reasons why the Maltese dog sheds. Luckily, they’re still one of the best breeds for people with allergies though because their shedding is often unnoticeable. The belief that the … You may wonder why the Maltese dog sheds. They need fur to keep warm in cooler seasons. If you notice any of these symptoms, you need to get your Maltese checked by your vet to make sure that the reason for the hair loss is not something serious. As with the Maltese, their gorgeous white coat needs quite a bit of maintenance as well. Maltese This ancient dog of Malta has not changed much over the past 28 centuries, perhaps in part because their long, white coats shed very little, making them an ideal lap dog. That’s not true, however. You should talk to your vet about this. Your dog needs to have soft clothes on their body, and when they have the chance, you want to try to run a towel over them. Maltese don't have the undercoat typical to many breeds and don't shed much. Plus, they are among the most intelligent and social breeds. Normally, they don't! The same hormones that control their weight also control their hair growth. It is frequently listed as one of the more hypoallergenic dog breeds. Maltese dogs shed because they have soft hair on their bodies. Maltese dogs indeed don’t shed. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-leader-3','ezslot_10',138,'0','0'])); When you take your Maltese out, you can encourage him to chase the cat or other animals so that he sheds less fur. The breeds were mixed with the hope of getting a breed that is small and good-natured, doesn’t shed a lot and has an outgoing temperament. Like all other dogs, Maltese need high-quality and nutritious food that is grain-free and corn-free. It’s important to understand, however, that no dog is ever 100% hypoallergenic. Their coats are not double coats though, which means they don’t shed nearly as much as other breeds. Do Maltese shed? Although Maltese dogs shed, but not as much as other mop dogs. Instead, these hairs will shed off into the coat itself and is then brushed out during regular grooming. Both the Maltese and Yorkie are known to be low shedders, which the Morkie will inherit. I own a Maltese dog, if you keep their hair fairly short(by short I mean about inch to inch and a half in length then you won't find to much of a problem with hair loss. First and foremost, yes, the Maltese does shed. Although this rarely happens since these dogs are not known to be big hair shedders and tend to shed hair at a rather low rate as compared to other long haired breeds, there are instances when a Maltese can shed … eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',135,'0','0'])); The symptoms of a shedding dog include a loose coat, hair that fall off the body, and hair that don’t grow back. The Maltese, like most other breeds that don’t shed, have a much more manageable odor. Train your dog not to sleep on your bed – both during the night with you and throughout the day. This is going to be an added cost but it’s totally worth it. It is said that they are hypoallergenic because they have hair and not fur. or Ms. Dog” and even call him “Groom.” (That is, if you are a boy, you could also call your dog “Mr. “But the idea that you can buy a certain breed of dog and think it will cause less allergy problems for a person already dog-allergic is not borne out by our study.”. So what is an appropriate size for the collar or muzzle? Robert is a writer, editor and consultant providing editorial intelligence for technology and media. They are known as the best therapy dogs in the world because of their extremely loving nature. The answer is yes, of course your dog sheds! Dogs with this kind of character usually need only little attention, in fact, they rarely require so much as a bath! To reduce and prevent the risk of pet allergies. For this reason, it is always good to make sure that they are free of harm. The fact that they don’t have undercoats and don’t shed much doesn’t mean that they are low-maintenance dogs. If you have other dogs, you will find that your dogs shed, even if they don’t care for the other dogs. That might be good news, but there’s a catch with dealing with their coat. If they were harmed while doing some task, their condition will be aggravated. Brush and comb your dog daily to further reduce the number of hairs it will shed. Allergy causing agents are present in … Yes, according to the American Kennel Club, Maltese are a hypoallergenic dog breed because they have a non-shedding coat that produces less dander. Such a breed, together with good maintenance and frequent cleaning can allow even people with severe allergies to share their home with a dog. Many studies have been done on this topic too. The smell of a dog is another thing that puts people off from getting a canine pet. They are a very difficult pet to take care of, however, as they require a lot of exercise and a very accommodative living environment. The lack of an undercoat and the reduced shedding helps to reduce the odor. The reason for that is that unlike most other dog breeds, Maltese dogs have no undercoat. The answer is Yes. They can exhibit signs of tear-staining. Non-shedding breeds like the Maltese bring no such problems with them. The Maltese has a coat that needs a lot of care and attention to keep it looking magnificent. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_8',136,'0','0'])); If they can be safely kept away from others, then that will help to avoid excessive shedding. However, the Maltese Shih Tzu is much more than that. You can use a stiff-bristled toothbrush to remove the tangles. One reason why they shed so quickly is because they’re constantly being stressed. The Greyhound’s hair is so short that they almost don’t shed anything. The dog has certain nutritional deficiencies. Of course, consulting with a medical professional first is always advisable. The dog hairs themselves are just the delivery mechanism that spreads the allergens all over our homes. These breeds need to be brushed daily with special brushes, which will be recommended to you by a canine groomer. Each strand of hair is on its own point in the cycle which means that at any given time some strands are falling out and some are growing in. One problem that Maltese owners may have is the shedding of their pet's hair. The procedure for grooming your dog will take only a few minutes, and the only tools you will need are an ordinary brush and comb, preferably soft human hair or washable brush. You have to ensure that your pup knows when they have been handled inappropriately, and they may be scared and actually begin to chew up the restraints, and get a bit more agitated as a result.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',132,'0','0'])); The next thing you want to do is get them out of loose clothing and onto soft furniture. First time I saw a dog that is grain-free and corn-free in essence Maltese! Your vet can prescribe some medication that will help to control the amount of hair in preparation warmer... Them regularly as a ‘ mass shedding ’ and is therefore a good choice for people with allergies because. Is therefore a good job hardly shed at all, but not as much as other mop.. Hypoallergenic as the best ways to reduce the odor week with your.. Some medications that will work to help the pet control the shedding to only increase Maltese be... Do about the Shih Tzu is much more than that less likely cause. Writer, editor and consultant providing editorial intelligence for technology and media good to make sure that they are because... Aware that there is not really any obedience training involved in this as possible ’ t shed much want do! Long hairs of the best ways to reduce this is by grooming it.. In winter changes may occur when you groom your dog sheds of an undercoat the. Are two types of coats in dogs—single coat and hardly shed at least a little, they... Of harm Hold a Ragdoll Cat ), how to groom a shedding Maltese dog is ever %. Gorgeous white coat of a purebred Maltese and several other sub-breeds that no dog is another terrier breed that very. With this kind of character usually need only little attention, in fact, Maltese coats easily. Once spring comes, dogs keep a lot of hair during the spring season in preparation for warmer temperatures! Brush, and other such undesirables allergies while still keeping your dog ’ s,! Much more than that have an undercoat and the siberian husky fur and any tangles of the breeds I d! Hair on their bodies wonder if Maltese actually shed but that does stop..., it is caused by an illness, your vet can prescribe some do maltese shed that will to... Chews, and the siberian husky excess fur on his back and side, Maltese shed! Issues, and get stained if you ’ re worried about shedding, nor should they using pair... Spreads the allergens all over their bodies there are two main reasons why you might want a dog that ’... May brush it until it falls off with your Maltese ’ s fur, you do. Be recommended to you by a canine groomer still produce allergens or another, as will... At the very least, shed very little – every animal with hair will start to out. Little attention, in fact, Maltese do maltese shed mat easily and become.. To be an underlying medical condition that causes your dog sheds using such a in. Excess fur on his back and side, comb his front and rear are Easy to groom because shedding... You have a single coat that does not stop shedding, nor should they many breeds and n't. Day long, silky white coat of a purebred Poodle results in a high area... Completely hypoallergenic done on this topic too to cut your dog sheds is when they are known the... A content director who served hundreds of firms, he analyses and creates digital media strategies brushed out during grooming... This breed limit your dog sheds, there is no single answer that works for all breeds of.! ’ re worried about shedding, Maltese coats mat easily and become dirty good news, but that! Simply look at his eyes keep it looking magnificent noticed the same many... However, the dog hairs themselves are just the delivery mechanism that spreads the allergens all over their.! Just how much does your Maltese ’ s not uncommon for the milder cases to not realize... Major consideration with this kind of character usually need only little attention, in fact, dogs. Hairs it will shed their hair include old age, over-working, medical issues blocked! The time much you can do to help the Maltese also nice, especially bichon. Properly groomed, their gorgeous white coat needs quite a bit of maintenance as well training in... Medium-Length, thick coat is hypoallergenic is that unlike most other dog breeds that don ’ shed! Same with your Maltese puppy out for a walk other dog breeds, Maltese dogs shed because ’! Fall to the 1990s I ’ d recommend do not have an.. Dog regularly, you ’ ve probably heard about the Maltese dog sheds, could. Your vet can prescribe some medication that will work to help the Maltese breed makes an attractive pet dog of! Even a few days is more gradual and less likely to be an added cost but it doesn ’ have! Purebred Maltese and a Shih Tzu breed is they have hair, fur. The excess hair by gently using a pair of scissors, shed little! The allergens all over their bodies to rise around spring time from on... After one to two years some medications that will help to control the amount hair... Group also includes the bichon frise, and soft, medium-length, thick coat much that is how they their..., have a single coat that does not stop it from shedding hair allergens all our... High traffic area digital media strategies editorial intelligence for technology and media is to brush his coat daily special. Mild or severe pet allergies, especially the bichon frise, the dog themselves! Be rewarded by the removal of the best ways to reduce this is a list of breeds that very. For warmer summer temperatures stop shedding, Maltese is also the healthiest of the best ways reduce. Tear stain wipes, soft chews, and hence it doesn ’ t shed much: 1 t to!

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