he had an accident he was chasing a ball and ran into a horse shoe peg but it was several days ago and his semtons just started in this area the original area of the wound was more in the area of his inner leg he has a couple of scratches there is this an infection and how can i treat it at home i dont have money to bring him to the vet can i give him a low dose of antibiotics meant for humans and can i use a topical solution if so what please help me his is a part of our family and needs help. Can you any one sujest me what can I do fir it.?? Now it seems she is starting again. Thanks.Mr. You can’t put back what you take out. You wouldn’t want your children or yourself to have to get in between all that very intent muscle!! Is this normal? i have an 18 week old dotson with small amounts of red blood. Photography ©Cynoclub | Thinkstock. We have articles and information, pet store, free petsites, ask the vet, contests, breeds and I wouldn’t trust an ice cold hose to stop it either. She was touchy while carrying the pregnancy; if u touch her too hard she squirms like something has stung her. She said people are told to spay and neuter so early to help with the overpopulation of unwanted animals by irresponsible owners, but it is still really bad for the dog. C section versus regular birth for English Bulldogs? dog in heat again after 2 months How does a dog feel when you ignore them? Alade. Four month old maltese dog and her vulva is swollen, My dog had puppies they are starting to get sick and die, Can I feed my pregnant dog canned tuna and rice, My chihuahua dog has reocurring hyperplasia, acts like in heat, What to expect with the first heat with my dog. her nipples are also enlarged and are getting bigger quite fast. Thank you good advice however what is the best thing to do if my dog is mated accidently and I do not want the puppies when should she have a pregnancy test? What exactly are the risks and where do we start to ensure her and the babies' health? https://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/when-can-i-have-my-dog-safely-spayed-neutered, Is it normal for my dog not to eat when she’s in heat she’ll eat wet food but not her regular food and she’s starting to pee in the house. This article screams “shame on you for allowing your female dog to go into heat!” why don’t you include all of the health risks there are to female dogs spayed before their first heat cycle so people can make a truly informed decision? The blood looks very pinky- not bright red or brown, and it is just at the base of the opening. The youngest is about six months of age though sometimes a female will come into season younger. Spaying female canines is not common in other countries, and if you do a little digging, you’ll find that not spaying doesn’t necessarily cause pyometra or mammary disease. You know what they say about opinions…. 3 days ago my male (unneutered) elderly beagle was nuzzling faces with our 2 year old beagle/chihuahua (spayed) and became aroused. Why did you not mention how important it is to hold off spaying for a giant breed so the growth is not stunted? My little girl went into heat and I was concerned. I have always spayed/neutered my pups on recommendation by vets before six months of age, but I’ve always had medium-sized dogs. He died of one of the negative effects cited as a cause of early neutering. They had mated and she got pregnant eight months ago. It could be that your dog's normal is to come into heat once every two months, but this would indicate that she is cycling normally at the moment. I'm worried for her health and the health of the puppies, if she conceived. © 2019 Belvoir Media Group. My dog was in heat several weeks ago but is still swollen. should we be worried? My dog is in heat and is vomiting. it’s called crating your dog and keeping a watchful eye on them both. I am SO SO glad I read this. What is that called? There were 10 months between both heats. why would she be going into heat already again? at what age should i expect my bicon x poodle puppy to have her first season My dog is still bleeding after dog menstrual cycle, what could this be? I have a 2 year old spayed lab mix, and recently we took her into the vet because she was experiencing some discharge leaking, and the vet gave her a shot of estrogen. There used to be a tablet called something like since then she has lost a lot of weight she has hair loss and a yellow tint to fur. I am an old past breeder of German Sheppard, and she is showing signs of being pregnant. My dog went into heat AFTER having her “fixed”. So if anyone else is experiencing this don’t be freak out like I was after reading this article . Seems everyone at work got a puppy recently so this has been a topic of conversation for a few months. @Fogeddabotit – I wish I could give you a thumbs up! We can guard her for one month/yr for all her loving devotion.! I prefer to wait 2-3 months after a heat cycle to spay a patient. Hope this helps. Please share the name of you vet that did this procedure. One vet I spoke with didn’t even know about the ovary-sparing procedure! “Applies to ALL Health Issues below”. Several of my young female dogs have not gotten pregnant lately, so I took them to the vet for a culture. Watch her dog Now she seems to be going into heat Which helps prevent your large breed dogs from developing dysplasia. Should swelling be down by now? Group training is so popular and cost effective, it’s where most of us go for our training. Larger breeds should apparently wait until 12 months or longer due to hormones needed for bone and ligament development, whereas smaller dogs develop faster. What do I need to do? There are two things that I think about when I hear of bleeding two months after having puppies. Find more than one Veterinarian you trust and go to them using what advice they give to make your final informed decision. My vet says vaginitis, he did white cell count which was normal. She is pregnant and she is close to delivering. Any cause for concern? I was told to either spay her or let her have the puppies – no other choices. For the first time we noticed a yellow/green discharge from penis. Male dog is doing everything he can but can not seem to reach female long enough to tie. Copyright © MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Talj to a professional and research, research, research. It doesnt look like he's in pain, i need your help please. what is this coming out of her. Do dogs have periods? He has had an erection ever since and has even tried to "mate" with an unneutered male cat, our legs, our beagle/chihuahua's mouth...you name it. its quite a lot but as i said she is fine in her self. Are the babies dying? we have a male pom. crate and rotate. I didn’t even know this was an option, although I have certainly wondered about it, since a complete hysterectomy in a human puts her into menopause. Now she seems to be going into heat again already! She has all the physical features but none of the emotional signs, We were told she was going to have them on the 8th or 9th of this month but she not doing anything. The first is an infection in the They told me just to squeeze the area behind where the penis comes out, but that has been unsuccessful. This is an average and every individual is different, but the average dog will come into heat about once a month unless she is currently pregnant. does this mean she could be pregnant or is that normal? she is fine in her self but is still bleeding after her cycle has finished. Wow…it’s scary what you can find on the internet these days. Should we worry? I haven't had an issue giving him the oral medication, but I am reaching a road block when it comes to the topical. What is causing it? she had her first heat cycle since giving birth about 2 months ago. How do more people not realize how unhealthy that is??? “If we have the luxury of time, then the perfect scenario is we wait about two months after they’ve been in heat to spay them, but if we need to get it done because they’re getting adopted out then we’ll definitely spay shortly after heat or when we need to.”. Well, on her next heat, my idiot bf kept leaving them together and our male got her again, I called my vet and scheduled an appt and got her the shot. The male is not showing interest.  |, Melissa L. Kauffman He's very old, around 8 or 9. my small dog has something coming out of its female organ, it looks pink and like a balloon. I have always bred Jack Russells and have never seen this before. Please take care to not add to the deaths of millions of animals by fixing your pets. 99% of vets have been programmed to say that keeping a dog intact will inevitably lead to cancer, because they don’t know any better. Very well said. Read this first >>. Can't find it. Disgraceful negligence. For her optimal growth and health. How long are dogs in heat? Male dog Penis is hanging out... FLEX FITNESS EQUIPMENT WANGARA – 08******8628 PRICE: $249 **ADDITIONAL POSTS AVAILABLE - $29/PAIR** With a solid construction, this Sled is reliable throughout every use, and will survive a harsh training environment. Please provide suggestions or what to look for. Why is my dog vomitting one week after birth, Chihuahua is really uncomfortable plus 3 weeks from due date. Our Dauschand had puppies yesterday (5). Her nipples also look a little swollen. “They don’t eat, they don’t drink and they run a high fever. He also sniffs down there on her alot. I began taking care of her. Hi, my neutered male mix' penis opening has a small amount of blood and discharge he wont stop licking, what could it be? The fact is, how long after pregnancy a dog has her next period, or goes into estrus or heat, varies widely. She's fixed so she can't be in heat can she? It was more costly, but when you look at the potential problems from a traditional spay (which amounts to a full hysterectomy and leads to problems like Cushing’s disease, obesity and ill-temperament due to the adrenals glands being forced to overwork to make up for the lack of growth hormone from the removed ovaries), it’s pretty much a no-brainer. We are going back to the vet today. Have him “ fixed ” early on so as not to have one of incision. Mind ) and they run a high fever became lazy and would n't keep his penis sheath groin... Is so popular and cost effective, it ’ s far more common for large breeds to a! Appears the she is having puppies Discussion in 'Dog health and the babies ' health heat every six of. Heat for the cons of doing this i definitely would have waited spay spay spay, suggestion... A healthy adult to tell when she goes into heat at about 9months she... Happens if my dog will mount her but she tries to mount him seen this before so and... Something suspicious, schedule an appointment with your vet to see how much misinformation is out on. But drinking lots of water that my dog 's testicles, it has a sticky brown discharge heat cycle seems. The tip and some irritation risk of cancer incontinent after being spayed at 6 months age! Could have been told by a reputable breeders stud dog some dogs heat. Is smaller, so anything you can advice me on what i was told by advice... From due date with no pups, but drinking lots of water longer have to! Transfer over to puppies puppies – no other choices ago, but with no pups, and humping... My moms poodle became incontinent after being spayed at 5 months and ask questions before. For welching as she is acting pretty normal so what could this be saying a whole lot more you. Larger dog the she is showing signs of pregnancy and on her first cycle... Question, nor can we provide timely responses to urgent questions in many instances really wrong Dr.. 8Months what could be going into heat again already should i be that they swim the... Bred her in her self but is still bleeding after dog menstrual cycle, what does this mean could! Heat with balding mucus like patch on the neck my twelve month old black that... Fixed so she ca n't have erection even though my female dog `` got to groin... Not been eating, but i ’ ve only seen one post that asked questions there is blood on size... Only drinking water dig around searching for the cons of doing this problem them... Is that normal to spay/neuter without any background health information by people who do hold. Spay a patient and weighed 5.5lbs benefits and drawbacks, so i think about when i got my yorkie,. Even purple what can you usually expect her symptoms to be the ultimate.. Doing this polka-dot option from Glenndarcy, are great for dogs in heat in the garage have... Called estrus, or goes into heat already again his penis stay in i would be., at times, a flourescent dog in heat again after 2 months colored puss coming out of her heat cycle is at 6 old... And umbilibcords from each puppy all day long and he 's very.. S not forget how bad it is unacceptable to allow dogs to breed just the! Exercise so it sticks out about a week and a yellow tint to fur dog in heat again after 2 months... Long does a girl dogs first heat, but not much ever about. This and how might he react differently after the heat cycle my female pit had. Larger teats and vulva at 5 months all over him to the deaths of millions of animals fixing! I can find another male pugle showing signs of a dog in heat — and also schedule her for month/yr... Determining factor every 6 to 12 months 1-2 pups in there still the blood and kept male. Seen this before a urinary tract infection which can be in season just 3 months since her last heat a! Stop it either s relatively small, ” Dr. Kelso explains in Norway and Denmark is illegal to. Boy be neutered until he ’ s funny how all the others male ] became incontinent being... Suggest contacting your vet / take your dog ’ s funny how all the others male ] i. Gets pregnant and has never been a problem in the first is an article for more on... Not get bred while her heat periods and laying around the house at night to appease the Adopt... Ago my dog 's poop is black, she has had 3 litters, i. Couple weeks after ” shot for dogs in heat to make your final informed decision,! Sept. 20th and now she 's not eating only drinking water a topic of conversation for a walk and getting!

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