All Products. For 1 gallon Rombaio is $49.97; For 1 quart it is $32.50 and typically covers 120 sq/ft, and for 4 gallons it is $249 and usually covers 1800 sq/ft. We are really happy with the way our limewashed brick fireplace turned out. bucket does 1800 sq. Free delivery. Designed to hold The 4 gallon bucket covers up to 1800 sq feet. It was a super simple project that made a huge impact on the feel of our family room. The single quart came up JUST shy of being able to finish the entire fireplace (approximately 55 sqft), but we wanted it to be thickly applied. About Romabio: Romabio paints are mineral based and made with high quality, natural ingredients that are toxin-free. The dilution we used was a 50/50 ratio meaning half Romabio paint, half water. And I wish I were nearing the end of my first trimester and getting ready to tell the world about Quarles Baby #2. Toscana Beige Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint-10117 - The Home Depot. It sure made a big difference in our home, don’t you agree? 4 gallons covers about 1800 sf and after some quick math subtracting windows and doors I figured we had about 1200 sf. Don't miss out on all the diy goodness. Ideal for brick, stone, stucco, and cementitious sidin… We share a passion for making houses feel like homes and for creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Shop ROMABIO Nylon Flat Paint Brush in the Paint Brushes department at Lowe' Our home is made of solid brick, which is very beautiful but its natural color just wasn’t for us. Limewash is crushed up limestone and comes in a container as a very thick paste. Today's … It took about 3 coats to get a thick/full later on the brick fireplace, and it takes about one week to completely cure. * Some stores may not carry all of our products. I think I’ve got a pretty good list below of things that I’ve really enjoyed this year. The color is very close to Simply White by Benjamin Moore, and it is just a very neutral white color. Lastly, limewash is really easy to maintain and touch up. But after living here for  12 years, we were ready for a fresh, updated look. When we had our son, we bought the Sniglar crib from IKEA. That is a pretty unique … Amarillo Paint & Supply. Learn more at romabio… We’ll see! Bring an old-world European look to your home with Tropea Beige Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint by Romabio Classico Limewash. Romabio's beautiful and durable mineral paint products are handcrafted in small batches in Italy. I’m not sure how to start this post. Firstly, the limewash adheres to the brick and becomes a part of the brick, as opposed to paint, which is just painted on top of the brick. We bought our limewash from Home Depot. Simply apply one coat to a damp surface … Romabio Application Brush. It was dark and didn’t show off our 1920’s bungalow in all its glory. Simply apply one coat to a damp surface then wash … The Home Depot. The crushed limestone in the limewash actually becomes part of the brick’s structure, making it extremely durable. The Home Depot (12) XtremepowerUS (12) DTA (11) ECOS (11) Harris (11) ZipWall (11) Aervoe Industries (10) CROSS COLOURS (10) Dripless (10) HANDy Paint Pail (10) Insl-X (10) ... ROMABIO 4 Gal. At $32.50 a quart, this product is more expensive than paint, but is really a completely different product. Water … Home Depot carries a product called RomaBio limewash by the gallon (HERE). Now available online at The Home Depot. Jul 2, 2020 - Classico© Limewash paint is a slow-set, authentic slaked-lime that will transform your brick or stone with a one coat application process. We simply keep a little on hand for the future if needed, and it just brushes right on. You simply need to add water to thin it out (the ratio is on the limewash bucket) and apply with a thick bristled masonry brush. Masonry Flat is a high-performing, mineral masonry paint made for extreme durability for the interior or exterior. See more ideas about limewash, brick, exterior. This Limewash With a large variety of colors available, Romabio Paints has really hit the nail on the head here. So many of you have mentioned that you are interested in updating your curb appeal too…and I would highly suggest looking into the ROMABIO PAINTS limewash. This interior/exterior slaked-lime paint is specially designed to produce unique white wash effects on unpainted brick, stone and other masonry surfaces. Or how to share this story, exactly. There is a special brush that’s used to apply the paint (or it can be sprayed on). I’d love for you to leave a comment, and let me know what you think about our brick now. I will say that I wiped down the fireplace a couple of days after we finished application and the limewash did easily wipe away, but that is simply because it hadn’t cured completely yet. 26 Nov, 11:57 am. Is your trim and soffits a stark white? Go to Home Depot and buy your limewash, and the Romabio application brush (a bit pricey but well worth it). A couple of weeks ago we posted about our limewash brick fireplace project. Romabio Limewash. Our family room gets great natural light in the mornings, but from the afternoon to evening it isn’t quite as sunny. Sarah & Nick is a blog about renovating our 1950s ranch in Pittsburgh, traveling the world, and the odds and ends in between. You can find the paint at Home Depot or use the store locator on their website. For … Like I said above, to put a thick coat on our fireplace we needed just a bit more than a single quart. For our fireplace, we used the Romabio Paints Limewash in Avorio White. We purchased Romabio Avorio White from Home Depot in the 4 gallon bucket. We built our house in 2005, and LOVED our brick…we actually chose it for our first home way back in 1996 too! Classico Limewash creates that charming old world feel with a freshly painted look, but because some of the brick remains exposed, the warmth … Markdowns by Store. * Search by city, state or zip code. We chose limewash instead of paint for a number of reasons. We wanted to have our black brick peeking through, to create a nice contrast to the white. One 4 gl. If you’re looking for a more thin application where some of the brick peeks through, a single quart would go much further. Visit to learn more. More Deals & Coupons Like "ROMABIO 4 Gal. Bring an old-world European look to your home with Nube Gray Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint by Romabio Classico Limewash. Unlike German Smear or mortar wash, this paint is easy to use and is designed for the exterior and will not peel, chip, or flake off. I am so excited to share a company that has literally transformed our home, Romabio! Avorio White Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint at the best online prices at eBay! Better yet, it takes 5 days to cure, so it washes off before that if you end up hating it. And we’re trying to finish a makeover on our front steps to reveal the other end of our house before the NEW YEAR. It blends so well with our porch siding and trim. Free shipping for many products! Romabio allows moisture in the brick to be released, because it doesn’t seal the surface. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Romabio Classico Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint, Italian slaked-Lime, One Coat, Avorio White, 15L/4GAL at We’re so happy to have our house finished just in time for the holidays! Our Faux Farmhouse is the drool-worthy Instagram docu-series of a DIY couple and their journey in creating their own faux farmhouse on a budget. Many people use this limewash on the outside of their homes, so I think it’s safe to say that this product is EXTREMELY durable. So, there’s no commitment to painted brick. I have peace and joy in the midst of the sadness, but the sadness is still there. The ROMABIO PAINTS website has information on how to figure the amount of limewash you need to cover your … I would really like to test like 4 colors, but really don’t want to pay $32 each for the smallest size. Here are some quick facts about the Romabio Limewash: To learn more, visit Limewash is crushed up limestone and comes in a container as a very thick paste. The ROMABIO Limewash can be purchased at HOME DEPOT and is affordable and comparable to other paints. 1. Together we are Peach & Pine Home. Secondly, the limewash gives a beautiful matte finish and feels very “old-world.” We wanted a sort of “old-world European” feel to the fireplace, and the limewash did the trick. ROMABIO Limewash can be purchased at HOME DEPOT. Read the blog to find out how you could achieve the same! ... « Laundry Room Reveal with Home Depot. Limewash Fireplace with Romabio Paints. Enter Romabio Paints to the rescue!! Upgrade to Premium for Access. We read some different options online including a crib net and putting the mattress straight on the floor, but we couldn’t find an option we loved. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your homebody spouse or a friend, or you yourself are a homebody looking to treat-yo-self, these are some great options for the homebody in your life. They have a few different color options from Romabio Paints, including the Avorio White. And thanks so much for visiting my blog today! Please call to make sure they carry the product(s) you wish to purchase. A beautiful, permanent flat finish that is naturally mold resistant, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly. They cost about $250 each which sounds expensive until you realize how much you save by DIYing and not having the maintenance that standard paint gives you. One 4 gallon bucket retails for $250 at Home Depot and they offer free shipping to your home! Beautiful finish that allows you to keep the warmth of the brick. The ROMABIO PAINTS website has information on how to figure the amount of limewash you need to cover your brick or stone. And, just take at look at the before…wow, what a transformation! We bought our limewash from Home Depot. Thanks. So at about $70, we’ve completely covered the fireplace and have enough on hand to touch up, as needed, pretty much forever. Therefore, you won’t have the issues with peeling and cracking that other paint may cause if not prepared correctly. Yes! Mineral paints are breathable and calcify to the masonry surface allowing moisture to release creating a longer lasting finish with low maintenance. The application was very simple, as you’ll read about below, and overall we are very pleased with this product.

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