DUTY @ 150 VDC/3170 WATTS. I have a treadmill motor running my X2 mill, a sand muller, and had one on my 7x lathe while the oem controller was off for repair. Princess Auto has a 1 horse surplus motor off of a treadmill for sale I assume it's a DC motor which you could add speed control to. There’s a thread around here about it. Blech! 3-4hp models are best for runners or homes where the treadmill will get heavy use. Went from .5-.75hp to 2.5 HP. 2 hp models are suited for walkers. Baldor 1.5 HP Permanent Magnet DC Industrial Treadmill Motor/ Wind Generator/ Lathe This Baldor Industrial treadmill motor is rated at 1.5HP. Please message me. I used the desired sized pulley with a split taper bushing bored out to perfectly fit over the old poly vee pulley. or Best Offer. It's safe to say the hp The motor … Unfortunately, the speed control on the treadmill is electronic and I need to control it via a 5k or 10k potentiometer. Mini Lathe DC Treadmill Motor Conversion Part 1 - Duration: 28:46. Still have a couple on standby for projects. CLASS H25 C AMBIENTOPEN CONSTEXTERNAL FAN1.5 HP CONT. P.M D.C TREADMILL MOTOR C3354B3541 2.65 HP ICON P/N M-19052821.4 AMPS CW ROTATIONINS. Wiring a Treadmill Motor for a Wood Lathe Home. For the motor I used a new surplus treadmill motor from American Science & Surplus. $75.00 + $39.00 shipping . Harbor Freight Lathe Conversion using a Treadmill Motor - Duration: 34:00. A little research yielded a cheap solution -- a treadmill motor. it works fine with the surplus treadmill motor. Would it convert into a decent power unit for a 9 inch Logan lathe? 2.5HP Electric Power Folding Treadmill Home … $15.65 shipping. $229.95. USED TREADMILL MOTOR. $80.00. They have quite a … I have a bandsaw that had a bad motor. Lathe motor was starting to fail and requiring me to grab the main pulley and spin as the motor was stalling on start. DC Motor. If there is a issue. 2.50 HP @ 130 VDC/ 1865 WATTS. 2.50 hp treadmill motor for lathe. Once cranked down it had a very tight fit and I didn’t have to risk damaging the motor. The Aussie Shed 17,324 views. Is there a … I have a treadmill motor and in fact all the controls ect. REMOVED FROM WORKING TREADMILL. I'm looking at re-purposing a PWM controller and motor from a treadmill to drive a mini-lathe. Feedback is left when positive feedback is received. $29.99 shipping. Skip to main content. REMOVED FROM WORKING TREADMILL. 55 28:46. This allowed more finite control with a potentiometer vs. using the stepped pulleys. Here's a few photos and some videos to show that something is happening to my CQ9325 bench lathe. $75.00. Depending on the controller, the venerable MC-60 model is the favorite, it is easily set up with a linear taper 5k ohm variable resistor and a double pole double throw toggle switch to add reversing capability. 3 HP Icon Health And Fitness Treadmill Motor M-184002. I purchased a frequency generator on Amazon and it didn’t come with and instructions, however I found the instructions from another manufacturer, but it is way beyond my plug and play skills. I replaced the motor with a DC treadmill motor. IT IS USED SOLE F 80 TREADMILL MOTOR IN GREAT WORKING CONDITIONDescription: DIRECT CURRENT PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR… sometimes up to 3 hp A treadmill motor and a controller like the KBIC can be used for operating a lathe, provided that the KBIC controller matches the HP rating of the DC motor, otherwise you will not get full performance from the motor and may damage the controller as a result Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Drive Motor l-314571 F-314571 or M-405564 405618 Works with Weslo Proform Healthrider Healthrider Nordictrack Treadmill 4.5 out of 5 stars 18 $217.55 $ 217 . Spun up with a drill and verified it produced voltage. Free SHIP! I noticed the pulley on the motor was the same as what's on a tread mill. The motor I used is a 2hp permanent–magnet 120 vdc motor ( surplus treadmill motor ) Even though the Cycletrol is rated 0-100 vdc 1/8 to 1 hp. DC motor 3.0 HP complete setup,w controller, cables, many projects. Chuck More Buying Choices $549.00 (6 used & new offers) Hydra Fitness Exchange 59080-101 or 5013602 MBK3012402 40001-102 L5D011 3hp DC Drive Motor Works W Precor Treadmill 9.21 9.23 9.25 9.27 2007. Are you looking for a Pro form treadmill motor?. Mini Lathe,Lathe Tool Kit,Lathe with Powerful Motor 12000Rpm,Hss Turning Tool, Belt Protection Cover,60W Power Metal Machine 3.3 out of 5 stars 13 $380.88 $ 380 . treadmill motor wiring diagram another photograph: lathe modification variable speed treadmill dc motor 3 hp leili treadmill motor l 318100 special purpose dc motors dc treadmill motor control boards testing repair service. Maybe add a cross pin or setscrew to prevent the modified flywheel from unwinding when reversing the lathe's direction. 00. I left the flywheel and pulley on. I want to use a rectifier and a capacitor for the power supply of the motor direct from the wall outlet. Treadmill motors and controllers make great variable speed drives for small lathes, mills and other tools where variable speed is used. 2.5-3hp models work well for joggers. It is a Johnson Integrated Drive, 1.75hp, 110VAC, rated at 90 volt/15 amp. $109.00. So of those DC motors I had (and scrapped many more) I welded up a bracket and mounted it to my treadmill. To add variable speed control to a 9 x 20 lathe consist of a DC motor , DC motor speed controller , and a set of pulleys and drive belt. Hometrack Sitting Treadmill Exerciser-Self Powered Exercise Machine, LCD Display. Are you looking for a Pro form treadmill motor?. (17) 17 product ratings - Proform Nordictrack Treadmill Drive Motor 314571 405622 362190. TREADMILL MOTOR SOLE F 80 WINDMILL / GRINDER / OR MANY OTHER PROJECTS .. It now has VSD (variable speed drive) fitted. I have included info below on how I obtained the items I used. Are you looking for a Pro form treadmill motor?. $249.00 + $39.99 shipping . The lathe is 30 years old but has never been used. Seller: mariareyes40 (464) 99.2%, Location: Tampa, Florida, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 323869137847 3.0 Hp Treadmill Motor For Lather / Windmill /Grinder Or Many Projects. 88 $402.70 $402.70 End to end it measures almost 14" including the shaft. P.M.D.C MOTOR MODEL. MINE has two blue wires that are used for thermal protection. Precor Treadmill AC Drive Motor 954 C954i 956 c956 c952i c954 c956i. Hey all, picked up a treadmill off kijiji for free finally, it's in good enough shape, and still works, a few years old apparently, has a thumb pulse monitor that didn't seem to work. I can not figure how to direct you to it, but if you google in the LJ search you should find it. Brad I did get it working and wrote a blog “Variable speed DC motor for a Delta Lathe”. DUTY TREADMILL. As far as treadmill motor controllers are concerned, the MC-60 is the one I'm familiar with and used on my drill press. Icon Nordictrack proform Treadmill Motor G-175310 N1CPM-089T. Thanks Gus… found it: Variable speed DC motor for Delta Lathe #1: Modernizing a 1950's Delta Lathe I used a 1.5 HP DC treadmill motor, DC drive controller, and a LED tachometer with Hall effect sensor. The motor control from the treadmill was toast so I used : The MC-2100 board which was originally designed for this motor lacks the PWM circuitry to drive the mosfet, as this originally seems to come from the console. ... 3.0 HP treadmill motor , for lathe, wind mill, generator,or many projects. I converted, some 3 years ago, my Sieg C6 type of lathe (mine is a different brand), to use a treadmill DC motor. Oct 20, 2018 - Explore Tim Follick's board "treadmill motor" on Pinterest. - Bluepine38. 2.50 HP treadmill motor for lathe, windmill, grinder or projects. No reasonable offer refused! Motors can range from 2hp to 4hp depending on the treadmill model. Best thing that ever happened to my mill. Buy 2.65 HP treadmill motor , for lathe, wind mill, generator,or many projects in Tampa, Florida, United States, for US $69.00. $699.00 $ 699. Modification of a dc treadmill motor and speed control board for variable speed control to suit a machine tool $43.96 shipping. But the other diagram also includes a 12 volts dc motor and on my lathe is a 220 volt dc motor. 4.25 HP CONT. If that's what you end up with, BE CAREFUL!! Shipping: + $55.00 Shipping . ! Shop by category ... 3.0 HP treadmill motor for lathe, windmill, grinder or projects. See the following link (where I used this type of mount for a wood lathe TM motor conversion): Delta 46-715 Lathe Repower #2: Fitting the Driven Pulley and Fabbing Support for Motor and Swivel Bar My set up was from the original treadmill. Hardware Design. Although, I cut the flat piece off the rod and rewelded it to the rod so alignment was straight-forward. I have salvaged 5 or 6 treadmills from Freecycle. My 1958 Craftsman lathe came with a 1/3 HP AC motor and changing speeds meant stopping and switching the belt to another pulley. It has shafts on both ends with a standard V-Belt pulley on one end and a flywheel and fan on the other. The use of a 170V DC motor means the same motor can be used in 110V and 230V markets with the only down side that the 170V DC motor must operate properly from a 320VDC supply at a 50% duty cycle which is a combination of electrical insulation requirements in the motor plus a hefty fly wheel to provide the inertia to smooth the rotation. It is missing the motor drive part of the belt system, so all I have is the lathe with its V-belt sheaves in the headstock. Would cost $180 for a new motor (3/4 horse). Thanks for L@KING and Have a GREAT DAY! While … One thing to remember on treadmill motors is that the hp rating is no where close to actual hp. $125.00. I found a treadmill motor control board locally for only $10.00 (the ones online were way to expensive, some over $300.00. Free Ship! $129.99. P.M.D.C. Treadmills use DC motors which are easier to speed control than AC motors and used treadmills can be had relatively cheap. Free shipping . The average motor size on a treadmill built for residential use is 2.5hp. Forums. I know little to nothing about such things (my Dad was a electrician, go figure) Would this motor have enough guts to spin a lathe, and would it … Please see the pictures. a DC treadmill motor is a small but powerful permanent magnet DC motor. Wind mill, generator, project etc Good working condition. MOTOR MODE.C3464B3403. Anyways popped the cover off, and it has a pretty nice 2 1/2 hp motor in it, disconnected from the treadmill belt it gets up to some pretty intense speeds. $11.94 shipping. I just put a treadmill motor in my lathe. GS Electric Treadmill Motor B4CPM-079. See more ideas about Motor, Treadmill, South bend lathe. DUTY @ 95 VDC EVERY ITEM IS INSPECTED AND REMOVED FROM WORKING … I too, like woodturner70, have a treadmill DC motor that I would like to use as the drive for a potters wheel. Only 1 left! 90 Volts DC and 14.5 Amps. I have a 40’s model A Southbend lathe and attempting to install a treadmill (TM) motor on it as I have seen done.

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